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Smart tips to grow your business through the Web!

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In today's Web Next episode, we will share some smart tips in order to help you grow your business on the Internet.

As a business owner, its growth is one of your key priorities and you must have been dealing with big challenges, as you try to expand your brand. For example, you may not have the budget for major marketing campaigns, or might not have the time to focus on your company's advertising methods. Being in this position, you need to look for smart ways to grow your business and increase your sales. But how can we achieve this? Let's find out some ways!

Prioritize content marketing

According to surveys, marketing content costs 62% less and generates about three times the number of potential sales than traditional marketing does, making it a valuable strategy, especially for small businesses. For example, having a blog on your website that offers useful and interesting content to users, you automatically present your business as an "expert" in your industry and it can help you build a relationship of trust with your audience. The posts on your blog can also generate more traffic to your website, improve your SEO and turn your visitors into customers. Place the appropriate keywords on your blog posts, in order to attract more audiences to your website and develop your customer base.

Use Facebook and Google Remarketing

When monitoring internet users' behavior, it has been noticed that the average customer is making more than one visits to a website or eshop, before he finally purchases the product he is interested in. Remarketing on Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc. allows you to show targeted ads to the users who have previously visited your site. So, while these people are browsing through other websites on the Internet, they will see ads for your business that will encourage them to come back to you!

Use discount coupons

A good marketing strategy, is to offer your visitors a discount coupon in exchange for their personal email. So, you'll create a list of potential customers, which you'll encourage, to make purchases by sending tempting Newsletters to their emails. Using a pop up window that shows your discount coupon, is a great way to attract their attention. Overall, this tactic is an amazing tool to boost your online sales and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Showcase true customer testimonials

Most consumers are looking for other consumers' reviews, before making a purchase. So, if your customers are satisfied, make sure that you are showing their positive feedback on your Website and you will definitely help new visitors make a purchase. Internet users buy from the companies they trust. The public proof of your customers’ satisfaction, makes you a reliable brand.

Upgrade your Website’s content in a smart way

An interactive and interesting content, increases the stay of the users to a website. A good way to upgrade your website content, is to write an article about your products or services and offer a free demo or pdf with useful information for your users, that will eventually be sent to their emails. Most likely, your users will be interested in the content of the file that you offer them for free and at the same time, you can expand your email list.

Create Call to Action in Social Media

The profile of a business in Social Media is very important. In particular, if your business is associated with garment trade, the prospective customer will look for you on Facebook and Instagram, where he will be able to instantly identify your clothing style and your best selling products. In this case, the creation of smart call-to-action posts such as "Like and Share the dress of the photo, and become one of the three lucky winners!" can attract new audiences to your social media and your eshop.

Ask for feedback from your customers

In this way, you can evaluate the services or products of your business. There will always be a marge for improvement and the improved customer service can actually boost your sales. Think of using a pop up window to ask your users for feedback, or send an email to customers who have recently made a purchase from your online store. Being aware of all the issues your customers face, you will ensure that your future customers will have an even better browsing and shopping experience on your Website.

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Until the next episode of Web Next, may all of you be well!

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