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5 Tips to Develop your YouTube Channel and receive more Views!

Every Vlogger wants to have more Views in their YouTube Channel. Many people think that the only thing that would lead to popularity and more views, is patience. Or, they think that you have to be very lucky, or buy Subscribers to make big numbers. This is not true. Developing your YouTube Channel and having more Views, might not be as simple as these 5 tips.

Focus on building a Dedicated Community

First of all, your Vlogs are the nodal point of your YouTube Channel, but there are also many more things to consider than just making a Video, when it comes to the preservation of a famous YouTube Channel.

All the users that are watching Vlogs and become Subscribers in YouTube Channels, they actually want to interact with the Vloggers they are following.

Basically, your viewers will reach your YouTube Channel in order to watch Videos, but they will also stay to discuss the topics you cover. And even if they have some kind of commitment and interaction with you and other viewers, they won’t go away and they will actually watch more Videos of you. Many others will also become Subscribers and will continue to watch your new content.

The more you attract a community of users to discuss your Vlog’s topics, the more viewers will watch your content, will discuss it and actually share it in social media. As your community grows, your Channel’s Views will be increased.

Work with other Vloggers

You can also increase your views in YouTube by working together with other Vloggers of your sector. For example, let’s say you have a vlog that is dedicated to fast and easy tricks for impressive make up. You could try to communicate with another Vlogger that makes five minute videos with advices for cinema stars’ hairstyles. Vlog topics complete each other and can be used collectively together, so a cooperation is inevitable.

If the two of you mention or recall each other in social media, you can encourage your viewers to have a look at the other’s work and so, the other can encourage his viewers to have a look at your YouTube videos. Both of you will increase your audience, almost at no time. You can also make a video by cooperation, or exchange guest vlogs in each other’s vlogging channel.

Start a Blog or Website for your YouTube Channel

Afterwards, you can make it easier for new audience to find you by creating a website or blog about your YouTube channel with built-in Web TV. When writing blog posts about what happens in the background, how you choose vlog topics and what happens in your sector or industry, make sure that you include useful keywords for your fans to look for.

If you include a good density of keywords (about one keyword for each hundred words of text) and incorporate them in the YouTube videos of your blog posts, you will reach a higher rank in Google search results. However, we warn you: do not undermine the quality of your writing in order to fill your content with keywords. In fact, this will have the opposite result, because Google developers have worked hard in order to guarantee that only quality content that is relative with the interests of the users are shown at the top of search results. (SERPs: search engine results pages).

When you create a quality blog or a website as an accompany for your YouTube channel, users will look for relative keywords/phrases and will find your content convincive and interesting. They will enjoy reading your blog posts and will also engage in watching your videos, leading to an increase of your YouTube views.

Social Media Marketing

Now let’s talk about your YouTube channels marketing and how you can make more people watch it. Social media are the strongest tool for this. Create profiles for your channel in all social networks that your viewers actually use. It is necessary to connect them with your YouTube channel in your profile page and video descriptions. Also talk to your viewers about your videos.

Invite your viewers to follow you in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Google for exclusive photos of the lobby area and unprocessed material, news and updates, smart ideas they will see nowhere else and other entertaining posts. In your social media pages make sure that you post with consistency and keep your posts entertaining and informative.

Encourage your followers to share your videos in their accounts and when they do, their followers will see your video and can click the link to see even more. In order to get even more views, use the right hashtags and communicate with other vloggers in social medias and you will be in the right road to increase your views and get more subscribers in YouTube.

Make a survey for keywords

Finally, be informed about the keywords you use. Are they truly the words and phrases your viewers look for? You can find which keywords are most frequently used with one of the quite free or cheap keyword search tools.

Choose from services like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Word Tracker, the keyword search tool of Bing and many more. By just knowing which keywords are popular, at this moment, in your topic or sector is enough to enhance your channel’s ‘reach’ to make more people watch it.

Follow these simple advices and you will see important improvements in your YouTube views. Your audience will start to grow almost immediately and will keep on growing while you keep applying the right search and some social media marketing. Add to these a bit of ‘strategic networking’ and excellent content in your videos and you will be in the right road to keep a successful vlogging channel.

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